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Having both a C-10 Electric License and a Class B Contractors License, Canning Electric is a full-service solution provider, from project planning through project completion. Our team of skilled professionals gives us the power to power you up.

Meet the Founder: Seamus Canning

Originally from Ireland, Seamus is a master Electrician and General Builder with more than 30 years of experience in construction. Outside of work, Seamus is heavily involved in volunteer work with a number of charities that help children who live in Third World Countries.

Seamus took a keen interest in the Children of South Sudan, where the ongoing civil war has had drastic consequences for their education, health and wellbeing. Almost half of Sudan’s children are not in school. Even though, in theory it is compulsory, the reality is quite different. Children fail to attend or finish school usually due to poverty, instability and lack of security.

With this said, Seamus has organized several trips to Nimule Orphanage in South Sudan. Working closely with some public services, including Saint Cecelia School, Seamus managed to gather up nearly 1,000 lbs of donated clothes, shoes, toys, medicines and small tools. Seamus, along with several other contractors from the Bay Area, and from Ireland, traveled to South Sudan and performed work needed throughout the orphanage. The group also built two units that will serve as a hub for educating young aspiring mechanics, as well as servicing the local community and generating much needed funds for the orphanage. He visits this Orphanage annually, to lend a hand in anyway with the upkeep of the orphanage and spend time with the children there.

Seamus’ latest project has steered him towards Afghanistan. The village of Herat has an incomplete school that needs construction expertise and money to move forward- Seamus plans to help with both. Updates on this project will be uploaded here as it moves forward.

To learn more about the work Seamus completed in South Sudan
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“Seamus Canning supports the non-profit ‘Angels of East Africa!’… Click here to find out how you can help too!”