Canning Electric Inc. is a turn key service provider for all of your Commercial Service electrical needs, of which include:

  • Tenant Improvement Complete build out, such as: Electrical for new lease spaces, Installation of new energy efficient lighting, Electrical rewiring, Installing extra electrical lines and outlets, Panel upgrades, Renovation and construction wiring and more!
  • Trenching and Excavation Services: Canning Underground, a new division of dedicated and experienced general engineering contractors, specializes in underground PVC conduit and vault installation required for Electrical Service upgrades. We will perform all excavation and trench work with precision and skill that will guarantee the best service and outcome.
  • Preliminary Design and Guidance for major associations, namely Dry Utility providers, The Civil Engineer, and PG&E in which we determine a preliminary design and route for each required utility. Canning Electric Inc. meticulously reviews all preliminary project plans to ensure minimum clearances for each utility (wet or dry) are adhered to. We also administer the PG&E Application Process from start to finish while providing step by step guidance on allowance and cost analysis of designs and contracts.
  • Value Engineering Services, ensuring an efficient construction process throughout. We evaluate your site lighting layouts to ensure cost effectiveness. Eliminating non-essential fixtures on a layout can save you thousands of dollars in your overall construction budget. We look over the lighting schedule for any cost/performance discrepancies and help you find the right solution while saving money on the overall light package.
  • Title 24 Lighting standard and Lighting Control Packages – We are qualified to work with the latest Title 24 compliant systems and controls for all your building needs. We will not only help you meet these standards but will also help you save time and money along the way.

In addition, Canning Electric Inc. also offer:

  • A dedicated Project Manager for Scope, Schedule and Budget of your job.
  • Existing Electrical Service Evaluation/Calculation for Remodel or New Construction work.
  • IT Network Switches and Infrastructure
  • Managing and Self-Performing all Electrical, Trenching, Installation of PG&E Vaults and Pavement work
  • Delivering Cost-Effective Electrical Solutions
  • Expertise and Management of various Agencies (PG&E, DBI, DPW), for design work approvals and expediated Results.
  • Design Built Core and Shell
  • Aesthetic/Sustainable Office Design and Power Distribution
  • Service, Trouble-Shooting, Training & Final Documentation


Design-build- Electrical, Fire Life Safety, ERRCS, Low Voltage, 2-Way Communication, CCTV, Wi-Fi and Audio/Visual

220 POST

Core & Shell remodel with new electrical infrastructure


New Service Upgrade; Expansive Decorative Lighting upgrade

2675 Geary

Core & Shell, New Electrical Service, PG&E Coordination

25 Taylor

Core & Shell. New Service. PG&E Vault. TI